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January 22 - New Stuff, Coming Your Way

You heard me right! After not posting a new piece since November of last calendar year, I'm proud to announce the release of part one of a three-part series. No spoilers as to what it's based on, but know that it's quite the intimidating job to try and musically depict the power of the source material, but I gave it my best shot. Check my YouTube and My Music page on Thursday to hear it.

Until then, I'll simply be leaving you with some listening recommendations. On the louder side of things is Brian Balmages' swashbuckling film-style piece "Raging Machines." Contrasting this is gorgeous piece for solo piano, composed by legendary conductor Gavin Greenaway.

That's all for today, just a short update. Stay tuned for Thursday, and keep an eye out for the next blog post, coming January 29 if all goes to plan!

- Thomas

Raging Machines:


Here's a link to Greenaway's Wikipedia page. Check out his filmography; odds are, you'll find a film you love that was recorded under his baton! -

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