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July 31 - I'll Upload Something Soon, I Promise

Hello, all, and welcome back to my blog. I haven't released new music in quite a while now, but I promise, I'm working on things. Sometimes inspiration doesn't come when you want it to, and I've also been busy with other things. I can, however, provide the usual listening recommendations. Attached is a link to Alan Menken's gorgeous "Prologue" from the original 1991 Beauty and the Beast, complete with narration by David Ogden Stiers (the voice of Cogsworth). Joining it is a link to independent composer Luis Humanoide's whimsical "In the House of the Inventor," a part of his continuing musical journey through his brainchild, the magical Clockwork Lands. I HIGHLY recommend Humanoide's entire channel, he uploads every once in a while and has a truly staggering amount of music waiting for you to discover.

That's all for today. Stay tuned for the next post, coming August 7 if all goes to plan!

- Thomas

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