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SPECIAL FRIDAY BLOG POST: June 16 - Behind the Scenes of "Endurance, Please Respond"

Hello, and welcome to this, a special Friday edition of my usual blog post. It bothers me that so few composers discuss their music in detail (Bear McCreary's oustandingly detailed blog being a shining example), so I figured I'd let you all in on the behind the scenes for my latest piece: "Endurance, Please Respond," from Airborn. The text editor in the Wix website leaves much to be desired, so attached is a link to a polished PDF, which covers the entire piece including all thematic material and descriptions of specific instrument combinations among other things. Please enjoy, and maybe I'll do more like this in the future!

Download PDF • 20KB

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Chase Choi
Chase Choi
Jun 17, 2023

okay... are you planning to write this que for a movie? will there be a accompanying visualizer? it looks great ngl.

Thomas Jenkins
Thomas Jenkins
Jun 21, 2023
Replying to

Not a real movie, unfortunately :) If there's ever an Airborn movie, I would love to score it, but someone who writes big and old-fashioned like Alan Silvestri or John Powell would be my choices. They are two of the biggest influences on this project.

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